6 October 2014

Another edition of Hong Kong's Asia Contemporary Art Show has just closed, and first thing first, I wish to say a big thank you to all the lovely guests who came to visit me at the exhibition. 

As most of you would know and would have heard on the news in the past few days, last week Hong Kong has been occupied by protestors pro-democracy, and the main area where all the action was based was right outside where the exhibition took place! As we arrived in Hong Kong we found ourselves amongst thousands of young students protesting for democracy and making history! 

 t first I was a bit worried, particularly the day after police fired tear gas and pepper spray and clashed against demonstrators. Since then, crowds flooded the streets blocking key roads in government central district ignoring official warnings against illegal demonstrations. Although hugely supported, the demonstrations were peaceful and very organised, we even saw participants cleaning up around them and some were even doing their homework! Unfortunately the "Umbrella Revolution" had a pretty big impact on the number of visitors to the art show, as many didn't have access to the venue as many major roads were closed for more than a week, and we really appreciated the effort of everyone who managed to visit the exhibition. 

But as the famous line goes 'the show must go on' so we did and we were more than ready to continue and open the show to welcome many art lovers and collectors! It was business as usual and we had a chance to meet lots of lovely new clients. 

Last time I exhibited in Hong Kong in May, the show reached more than 10,000 visitors in only 4 days and it has been really busy, so this time I had a chance to organise myself and I arrived a little earlier to welcome customers who wanted to preview my works before everyone else arrived!

First in best served: here's Patricia who took home "You know I dream in colour" before the show even started!

My works have also been noticed by a local art dealer who will now represent my works in Hong Kong! Pretty chuffed about it! ;-D

A big thanks you to my favourite Western Australian label Ethel and Leo who dressed me in fabulous silk dresses for the duration of the show. More to come soon as we will be collaborating again with this unique designer for a summer fashion + art event, so sty tuned!

Last but not least, a massive thank you to my biggest supporter, my husband Russell, who has always believed in me and continues to back me wherever my art takes me!

Hong Kong you have been great and we will see you again in March 2015! 

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