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Exploring the sensuality of dreams

I love it! It makes me feel warm to look at it - tranquillity with a burst of happiness! Reminds me of those beautiful, calm, happy rainy days – when the sun pokes through with a hopeful burst of energy.
— K. SLOANE, Sydney, Australia
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Francesca’s paintings provoke truly good feelings. They have a colourfulness and depth that allows you to take what you need from them, sometimes they lift your spirit, sometimes they sooth rushing thoughts, and sometimes they do both simultaneously.
— K. BISHOP, Perth, Australia
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Francesca’s work is like a glimpse of heaven brought down to earth on the wings of angels, and possess a soothing quality that quite simply cannot be put into words.
— – K. MCNAUGHT, Perth, Australia
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Art & About






Francesca is proud to present her collaboration with Atlas Pearls, for which she has created a collection of works inspired by ‘The Southern Seas’ where the company's pearl farms are located. With a 20 year long history in pearling, Atlas Pearls is a global leader in eco-pearling and one of the top producers of the highly sought after South Sea pearl. 

Taking inspiration from the stunning palette of cotton candy sunrises, vibrant blue skies, , dead calm tropical storms, the gentle sound of waves, bright sunshine and every condition in between, these are 'The Southern Seas'.

Francesca’s works are on display at Atlas Pearls Perth showroom |  Shop 1, 47-49 Bay View Terrace, Claremont 6010 Perth Western Australia  |  Mon - Fri 10am - 5pm  Sat 10am - 3pm


Francesca's latest collaboration is an installation at 140 Perth for their activation #140YOU

The precinct has been transformed into a fabulous lounge with plush textures and gold reflections set underneath a cloud installation, inviting relaxation and luxury.

One of Francesca's emotional landscapes “If It Could Last Forever” is regenerated into a decal as a backdrop to the luxurious oasis that 140 Perth have created in Postal Place. The decal is a large 4 metres x 3 metres backdrop that compliments beautifully the colour palette for the space.


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You either are a work of art or you wear a work of art!

Francesca is very excited to be in partnership with Jonte Designs, a very talented Australian fashion designer, whose creations are stylish, feminine and edgy, the perfect combination for any leading lady!

Jonte has been dressing Francesca for all her exhibitions and events since 2015.