FRANCESCA GNAGNARELLA is an Italian born, Australian contemporary abstract artist, living and working in Perth, Western Australia since 2007 and regularly travelling to Hong Kong for exhibitions twice a year since 2014.

She started exhibiting in Paris prior to finishing her degree at Sorbonne University and she held her first solo exhibition in Rome, Italy, in 2006.

The artist incorporates bold brushstrokes and dripped paint together with thinned veiled stains to created shifting layers of colour.

Gnagnarella’s artworks are recognized among her art followers for the use of 23 Carat Gold leaf, which enriches the painting with a unique luminosity and elegance.

Bold yet sophisticated; the artist’s works translate classic indulgence into a sleek modern style.

Francesca exhibits regularly between Hong Kong, Singapore, and Australia and her paintings have been collected and sought after by numerous private and corporate collectors in Italy, France, UK, USA, Japan, China, Singapore and Australia, including the Director of the Art Gallery of Western Australia, Dr Stefano Carboni.


FOR ENQUIRIES or to organise an appointment to visit Francesca's gallery

please email fra@fragnagna.com or call  +61 4 38 35 12 87

I create contemporary abstract landscapes, gestures of the colour and the beauty found in the Western Australian nature. I enjoy portraying the landscapes in an inspiring manner trying to capture the essence of a place, rather then reproducing it from photograph, through an exaggeration of colours, forms, and texture.
'Misty view from above' styled by Perth Style Co.  |  Photography: Crib Creative

'Misty view from above' styled by Perth Style Co.  |  Photography: Crib Creative

'Bird's eye view' styled by Perth Style Co.  |  Photography: Crib Creative

'Bird's eye view' styled by Perth Style Co.  |  Photography: Crib Creative

I call my works ‘emotional landscapes’ : colourful abstract paintings that have a suggestive presence that evoke intense visual pleasure by appealing directly to the senses.
My paintings are multi-layered and richly textured with complex under-coats. I like to describe the gestural movements in my works as a ‘lyrical fluency’.
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