15 September 2014

To me the objective of a commissioned painting is to retrieve a brief from the client, give it sophistication and finesse, then deliver it back to the client as poetry!

Being asked to paint a commission could feel at first like the ultimate compliment for an artist, to create something personal for a prospective client. I have to admit, at first, I really didn't enjoy painting on commission and pretty much discouraged all my clients that would ask me to go down that path and turned down many commissioned jobs. I just wanted to create freely what I wanted and I thought that following someone's ideas of what "my" painting should look like, it just wouldn't work for me. 

As I grew up as an artist I realised I had to take a different view on commissioned paintings and had to find a way to keep my relation with commissions as smooth as possible. 

Since I have been working from my gallery apartment in North Fremantle I found myself dealing directly with clients, they would visit me and take a look at what I had available to show them at the time and often they would ask me if I were able to work on commission to create something perfect for their home or office! 

                                                          Photo by Simone Anderson for House Nerd 

                                                          Photo by Simone Anderson for House Nerd 

As I established a lovely and direct relationship with my clients I have found creating commissioned paintings so much easier and re-discovered that I really enjoyed the process! I just loved creating an artwork knowing that someone couldn't wait to fill an empty space on their walls and have something especially made for them that they could treasure for life!

I finally realised that the key to a successful commission is the collaboration between the artist and the client. I love visiting my clients homes where possible, getting to personally know them, getting to understand their stories and why they "need" something special for them and re-create their personal story onto canvas!

This client used to have a window overlooking a courtyard, but decided to enclose it in order to transform it into a bigger walk-in wardrobe. Now we have replaced that window with one of my landscape paintings, the artworks picks up where nature left off, so that the client can still have her "window" looking out into the ocean! 

When I visit clients homes I take digital camera notes about the room, the colours and the decor for reference. I chat about colours and the 'feel' of the painting. I want to know what they want the painting to tell them and what they would like to see and feel looking at it. From there the creative process unfolds and I keep a digital diary of the work in progress to show the client. 

This is "In A Different Light" my latest commission I have created for a lovely couple in Rome for their new home! 

If you would like to enquiry about a commissioned painting please contact me via email