I am very excited to announce that I was chosen as one of only 22 Western Australian artists to have my works featured in the recently launched 6 star Crown Towers Hotel in Perth. 

Upon finding out that I had been selected I couldn't contain my excitement! I was feeling very happy and proud at the same time that my paintings would be featured in such a large-scale project. Being associated with the Crown brand is great, and I feel honoured to be able to represent WA artists in front of an international audience. 

For the pieces that feature in the King and Queen Rooms, I have created a Pilbara inspired series of paintings, including the artwork titled 'Once upon this island' which is now hanging in the Chef's Tasting Room. 

"Beautiful deep red dirt, matched with see-through aqua tones, bringing earth and ocean together in aerial views from above the Tropic of Capricorn."

"Beautiful deep red dirt, matched with see-through aqua tones, bringing earth and ocean together in aerial views from above the Tropic of Capricorn."

I have also created a custom painting for the Bridal Suite, which consists of more delicate lines and elegant tones. "A dreamy cloudscape, a landscape surrounded by a gentle aura that begins to glow in the early hours of the day. That particular moment of suspension when the land becomes one with the sky and everything is wrapped in a brilliant atmosphere, in the brightest gold lights".

The hotel interiors are stunning and the attention to detail is incredible and surprising, as you walk through the rooms and suites or discover common areas styled to perfection. T hotel is a beautiful addition to Perth, with spectacular views of the river and the city! 


In the last couple of years I have been working very often with interior designers and I discovered a love for styling my works at my gallery apartment too.  If I’m not at my studio painting, you’ll probably find me restyling a room at the gallery and getting ready to welcome clients or designers, so it has to look perfetto!

One of the latest projects I have been working on, it’s a new collaboration with Perth’s stylist guru Sarah James from Perth Style Co. providing artworks for a beautiful property in the coastal suburb of City Beach. 

Photography by Crib Creative

Photography by Crib Creative

I loved the look that Sarah has created for this home, elegant yet contemporary, refined yet with an edge. 

If you follow me on social media – Instagram and Facebook – you would know I love a good vignette! You can create vignettes based on the colours and aesthetics of the artwork. Let’s say you have a painting with blue tone variations - you can create a modern vignette playing off those colors with neutral accessories, throw pillows in a couple of different shades, and a collection of vibrant glass vases or books and voilà a beautiful ‘mini moment’ is created! 

Lighting your artwork is also very important - let the art shine, literally! It’s all about the artwork on that wall! In most of my paintings I use 23 Karat gold leaf, which reflects brilliantly the light when it hits the canvas and it changes the look of the painting at different times of the day, I adore working with it! 

Photography by Crib Creative

Photography by Crib Creative

Another thing that I find myself constantly doing is switching up a setting. Most big collectors rotate their art or put it in storage, but I just like to change the accessories, books, and flowers to refresh that particular moment. I know I sometimes drive my husband crazy with all the changes I make; often things don’t stay the same for a week or sometimes even only for a couple of days! It’s amazing how a room can change with just a few new small touches!

Most importantly, when I talk to my collectors, I always recommend looking for art that inspires them, that creates a dialogue with their emotions, and somehow reflects their personality. My point of view is always the same: you have to love the piece! And once you know you have fallen in love with it, buy the art, you will treasure it for life! 


17 February 2015

Prospective buyers seized a rare opportunity to sample Perth's premium coastal lifestyle during the launch of a North Coogee home last Thursday night. 

Realmark Real Estate offered visitors a "life in Coogee experience" to highlight the lifestyle vale of the grand tri-level residence on 440 sam in Port Coogee, with the marina and the ocean on its door step.

Untitled copy.jpg

The property has been styled for sale by interior designer Lorena Ongaro-Anderson in a contemporary style and she has selected some of my paintings to finish off the styling and to bring a pop of colour into the walls. 


"The launch event gave guests a rare opportunity to spend an evening in a beautiful property set in a fantastic location" said selling agent Darren Berley. 

"Guests were able to view interior design and art at its best and experience firsthand how your choice of furniture and selected artworks can bring a home to life complementing beautifully the surrounding coastal environment."