I love adding a fun accent to my outifit and the Greta-te handbag is a cheerful, colourful addition to any style that can be easily dressed up or down.

Last week I enjoyed having a sneak peek at the new collection and playing dress-ups with the Italian designer behind the brand, Greta!

I really like the unique soft texture of the latex rubber materials and the irresistible range of colours.

My favourite is this candy pink - Yum! 

Paired here with the sweetest outfit by Curios Birdy “Smothered in Frosting” dress

A classic black and white gets a modern update with innovative textures and unexpected shapes. The best part about it? You can transition seamlessly by stretching life into some of your winter blacks!

And let’s be honest: who can possibly get tired of the Capri style?

What I love the most about the Island-chic wardrobes are the timeless combination of warm white, lemon yellow and lush greens! 

Shop the collection at www.gretate-te.com 



After stepping out onto the tiny sidewalk from my apartment in Paris, I find myself in front of the majestic Opera de Paris. I can never help but look up when I’m in this city and my constant gazing in awe of the architecture around me inspired this photo-shoot, despite how incredibly busy we were ahead of my exhibition launch at the Carrousel du Louvre the day after.

‘My god, I just love this place. It feels like home and it’s like if I never left after studying at the Sorbonne ten years ago.’ I thought to myself with ease.

 It’s been a while since I’ve made the time to wander the streets aimlessly and shoot photos, and god it felt good. Wondering in the streets of my favourite city in the world dressed like a dream in my favourite Birds on a Wire outfit!

Paris is always the perfect place to feel inspired!