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I’ve just returned from a much needed break in Europe. I always try to get a chance each year to return to my home country to visit family and friends, and of course, to take the opportunity to enjoy the warm summer sun while here in Australia I leave behind the colder winter months.

But before I get back into work mode, and head into my studio, I didn't want to pass up the chance to introduce you to my dad Giuseppe Gnagnarella’s first novel, Rendez-vous a Saint-Germain

Giuseppe (I like to call him pop!) is based in Rome, Italy, he’s just retired from a brilliant career in journalism and he’s the author of previously published historical and political books. Pop worked for many years at the RAI (Italy’s national public broadcasting company) amongst his most recent positions he was in charge of the communication of the RAI’s Presidency, he was the spokesman for the Deputy General Director of RAI, and RAI Channel 2 head of press office.

Here I am with Pop and his book 'Rendez-vous a Saint-Germain' (Gangemi Editore)

Here I am with Pop and his book 'Rendez-vous a Saint-Germain' (Gangemi Editore)

My dad has always had an interesting and unique eye for every day’s life, which he transforms into magical moments with his confident and elegant words. Something I'm not good at, but I’ve always been fascinated by... The closest I get to poetry is when I title my paintings, which I love doing so much, it’s my way of transporting myself and the viewers into the magical world created in my paintings.

I love the preface of the book: 'Writing is like running, it's good for the heart!'

I love the preface of the book: 'Writing is like running, it's good for the heart!'

This book celebrates the neighborhood Saint-Germain, where the heart of Paris beats. Four chapters, entitled and dedicated to the four seasons, guide us into the novel through a dedication to Paris at the beginning of each chapter. My favourite one is “If you love life, you will love Paris”

Each chapter, with a technique not frequently used by Italian writers, tells the same period and it is reported and narrated “by a different heart, a different mind.” The book is addressed to everyone but especially to the young ones (or young at heart!) who love Paris: there is the art student, a French friend, a mentor and fellow student. A book that you will read with pleasure, elegant in content and in form.

I love the ink sketches of typical Parisian corners at the beginning of each chapter, and under each photo, a lovely surprise, there’s a finished story of two lines, in line with the allure of the book, but not part of the story… just to keep us dreaming a little bit more! :)

The book has just been published in Italian by Gangemi publisher, and it will be officially launched on October 10, in Rome.

The author has planned to publish an English version by the end of the year, so watch this space.


To pick up your copy in Italian from Amazon, click here