Abstract paintings by internationally acclaimed Australian artist Francesca Gnagnarella. Perth artist. Perth abstract art. Hong Kong abstract art.jpg

Exploring the sensuality of dreams

I love it! It makes me feel warm to look at it - tranquillity with a burst of happiness! Reminds me of those beautiful, calm, happy rainy days – when the sun pokes through with a hopeful burst of energy.
— K. SLOANE, Sydney, Australia
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Francesca’s paintings provoke truly good feelings. They have a colourfulness and depth that allows you to take what you need from them, sometimes they lift your spirit, sometimes they sooth rushing thoughts, and sometimes they do both simultaneously.
— K. BISHOP, Perth, Australia
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Francesca’s work is like a glimpse of heaven brought down to earth on the wings of angels, and possess a soothing quality that quite simply cannot be put into words.
— – K. MCNAUGHT, Perth, Australia
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