Well that's a wrap! We have just closed the doors of the inaugural exhibition 'Singapore Contemporary' in Singapore ad we wish to say thank you to all the lovely Singaporeans who visited us at the show! 

It has been a very busy few days during the Singapore Art Week, with thousands of visitors through the doors in only 4 days! We had a fantastic launch showing my works to many VIP guests on the opening night. I also loved explaining my paintings to private groups of collectors and also to some very curious young art lovers! ;-D

A massive thank you goes to my number one fan and husband Russell, for always being the source of my ambition to creating something better at each exhibition and for always being the most amazing supporter one could wish for! 

Now it's time to wrap up all the sold works and deliver them to their new forever homes! 

Thank you Singapore, it was great to meet all our new followers and collectors and we can't wait to be back next year!


Yesterday I ventured on a day trip with my business partner (in crime and other doggy adventures) Donny to the South of Western Australia to meet with my fellow artist Todd Cleave.

Todd and I have collaborated to create a new exclusive collection of beautiful original resin art pieces after our first successful joint exhibition last year. 

I absolutely adore how the brilliant colours come out onto resin and how they talk to the paint I use on my canvases, they are just a match made in heaven! 

'Lost in a daydream' 90 x 60 cm 

'Lost in a daydream' 90 x 60 cm 

Each piece is uniquely created just like a painting and there is not one that is ever the same as another!

'Winter solstice light' 80 x 54 cm 

'Winter solstice light' 80 x 54 cm 

After the meeting, Donny and I had a lovely walk along the river in Bridgetown and explored the natural beauty of the landscape around the town.

Donny had the best fun!

On our way back to Perth a lunch stop in Donnybrook was obligatory!  ;-D

All new amazing resin art is now available at the gallery by appointment and on my website.  Here’s the direct link to shop online


I'm not a mum, (only to my adored puppy Donny if that counts?!) but I have one and I love her!

Mother's day is coming up on Sunday 10th May, so to make it easier to choose a unique gift for your special mum I've selected a few goodies that she might like! Use the code LOVEMUM at checkout for a cheeky discount (valid only until 10th May 2015).

I really wish I could see my mum more often but she lives in Italy, which makes it tough. 

Be grateful if you are able to visit yours as often as you wish... Happy Mother's Day!


Limited edition iPhone 5 covers $29.99 each


New range of resin art designed by Todd Cleave of Pancake Designs for our upcoming collaborative exhibition "Fields, Oceans and Sunsets" starting from $99


Borrowed beauty acrylic and 23 carat gold leaf on canvas, 26 x 22.5 cm each, $590


Melting in your sweet dreams acrylic and charcoal on canvas, 66x91 cm, $950