How else can you stare at an empty canvas and see a work of art? May be you have to be a little crazy. May be you have to see things differently.

I am not one to buy magazines very often, sometimes I just feel like flicking through interior magazines at the beach to get visual inspiration but I still remember the day I picked up the very first issue of Collective Messenger back in 2013, I was simply drawn in. Since then I bought every single issue and I still keep them stacked amongst my favourite books in case I feel the need to get back for some more inspiration.

Photo 3-3-18, 7 31 19 am.jpg

There’s so many motivational stories featured in each issue of Collective Hub so there’s always something that sparks a bit more inspiration that fuels my creative spirit.

When I heard that Lisa Messenger, editor of Collective Hub, was coming to Perth, I just could not pass the opportunity to see her speak.

Photo 6-2-18, 9 42 42 pm.jpg

We met Lisa on a warm summer evening at Coast Port Beach, one of my favourite beaches in Perth.

If I’m not at the studio painting, you’ll probably find me at the beach!

So I couldn’t resist the opportunity to enjoy a drink by the coast before meeting Lisa and take in the fabulous views over the Indian Ocean, a constant inspiration to my abstract landscapes.

Life is about the people you meet and the things you create with them.

I am blessed to be able to work with so many inspiring creatives in my industry and to be surrounded by incredibly talented entrepreneurs in my life.


So here’s to keeping inspired. Connected. Empowered. Resourceful. Excited.

Creative and curious.



February is my birthday month so I usually feel extra special, extra excited and extra joyful! 

In Australia, it is the middle of summer, so to me, this month also means watermelon for lunch after sunny beach days ;-) 

Perth Festival and Fringe Festival also take place during the month of February so the city is suffused in a real buzz with shows, concerts, and exhibitions scheduled almost every day of the month.  

One of my favorite colors to wear and to look at this month is magenta, or most probably every shade of hot pink, from blooming orchid pink to fuchsia and every shade in between. To me this color palette blooms with intensity and magical depth that intrigues the eye and sparks the imagination. 


Captivating, vital and uplifting. 

To me hot pink is expressive and warm and it emanates great joy, confidence and creativity.